ella dreyfus
Under Twelves depicts the exquisite beauty of male youths as they hover on the cusp of childhood, traversing both the feminine and masculine worlds. Dreyfus' photographs of her son and his football team invite us to contemplate a subject matter that elicits both a sense of pleasure and discomfort. The exhibition held at Ground Floor Gallery, Sydney in 2005. "Ella Dreyfus is used to causing a stir with her photographs. So her latest exhibition, Under Twelves, seems surprising at first - for its tameness...Photographed from the chest up, the are sweetly beautiful, full of a softness and vulnerability that is all the more precious for the sense that it will soon be swept away by puberty. And therein, perhps, lies the rub. We are not used to admiring the beauty of young boys.'
Catherine Keenan , Sydney Morning Herald