ella dreyfus

"Honest, compassionate images"
May 2001
Art in America ,
Roni Feinstein ,
"Dreyfus' exhibition succinctly confronts and transcends the taboo surrounding transgender"
16th February 2001
The Australian ,
Annanbel McGilvray ,
"One of Australia's most respected photographers, Ella Dreyfus is known for her unflinching yet deeply sympathetic portraits of the sorts of bodies and faces that don't usually get exposed"
9th February 2001
Sydney Morning Herald ,
Sebastian Smee ,
"There is an overwhelming, at times almost excruciating, tenderness in some of the images"
Sydney Star Observer's Mardi Gras Festival Guide ,
Marcus O'Donnell ,
"Ella Dreyfus confronts us with striking black and white images of bodies which aren't generally on display"
18th February 2001
Arts Talk, Radio National ,
Julie Copeland ,
There is a sense of love and dignity in the pictures"
14th February 2001
Arts Today, Radio National ,
Michael Cathcart ,
"The transgender voice is more than often not represented, Ella Dreyfus' photography is incredibly sensitive to the subject"
16th February 2001
The Arts Show, ABC TV ,
David Fenton, Festival Director, Sydney Gay  Lesbian Mardi Gras ,
"Ella Dreyfus' photographs confront classical notions of beauty and question the norm which invalidates those who do not meet conventional aesthetic standards"
February 2001
Lesbians on the Loose ,
A challenging piece of work that documents the ultimate metamorphosis of an individual who defies orthodox concepts of gender and identity"