ella dreyfus
Age and Consent deals with Dreyfus' fascination with perceptions of the ageing body, illness, mortality and the invisibility of older women in society. The exhibition was first seen at Stills Gallery, Sydney in 1999, and then traveled to Campbell Mahony Gallery, Brisbane in 1999 and Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery in 2004. It was a featured event of the NSW Ageing and Disability Department's Seniors Week, Queensland Seniors Week, Australian Coalition 99 and the United Nations International Year of Older Persons. Receiving extensive media coverage and drawing large crowds, the exhibition "...has the power to shock, in an age that prides itself on being open about the body and sexuality" (Jenny Tabakoff, Sydney Morning Herald). "I cannot deny that the old person will be myself, but that means my death, so I avert my gaze from the old person or treat her as a child, and want to leave her presence as soon as possible."
Iris Marion Young , The Scaling of Bodies and the Politics of Identity in Justice and the Politics of Difference , 1990