ella dreyfus

"A dazzling new look at a state that is so often denigrated as a disability. The richer the images we have of our bodies the better it is for our minds"
Naomi Wolf
"The sheer power and beauty of these images is a revelation. They've altered my perceptions and understandings of women's bodies"
Dr Dale Spender
"The Body Pregnant is an outstanding example of photography in the service of societal change."
"Ella Dreyfus is trying to teach us a new language of beauty, a wider sense of what is wonderful about the body"
Richard Glover
"Dreyfus' work is a tour de force in that it brilliantly circulates around the terrain of the beautiful and the ugly"
Diane Losche
"An astonishing portfolio of naked pregnant women...Dreyfus' images remain undeniably erotic"
Craig McGregor
"Ella Dreyfus is firmly committed to the notion of changing attitudes to the female form"
Geraldine Doogue
"Ella Dreyfus' images of beauty and eroticism in pregnancy are powerful enough to counter the ugliness and hostility of truckie porn"
Beatrice Faust