ella dreyfus
Pregnancy Series was a powerfully erotic study of women in the latter stages of their pregnancies. Dreyfus was fascinated by the explosiveness of the pregnant woman's body - the curves, the weight and the distortions, as well as being the site for deeply held fears regarding female power and sexuality. Pregnancy Series was exhibited at Stills Gallery, Sydney in 1992. The monograph, The Body Pregnant, was published by McPhee Gribble/Penguin in conjunction with the exhibition The Body Pregnant at Stills Gallery in 1993.

This exhibition was critically acclaimed and resulted in widespread community discussions about women and body image. "Dreyfus' work is a tour de force in that it brilliantly circulates around the terrain of the beautiful and the ugly" (Diane Losche, Photofile 1992). "And so it will profit us to begin the process of remembering, struggling to acquire an imagery which speaks against the limitations of our contemporary vision of a woman's body. We are in search of a vision that will help us live comfortably within our own bodies from a culture that has alienated them, along with so many other sources of our power and pleasure. Images of large women that can make us proud."
Kim Chernin , Womansize: The Tyranny of Slenderness , 1984